Hillcrest has acquired ANIGO Technologies  Ltd., with its high-performance electric machine control software and is employing the IP’s inventor, Ari Berger, as the Company’s Chief Technology Officer.

This software IP, specifically designed for use with electric motors, electric generators and other integrated power systems, has the potential to greatly enhance the performance of any application requiring precise control of rotating electric machines.

This acquisition will enable Hillcrest to  further innovate, develop and exploit the full potential of this software in select, high-value  electrification applications.

Potential commercial applications include

Electric machine control software is essential for electricity generation and electric motor applications. Relative to other technologies, software requires very little capital to develop and can be easily modified to take advantage of functionality enhancements.

Electrical generator controls that convert and deliver renewably generated electricity

Traction control systems such as electric motors and powertrains

Precision control systems such as aeronautical applications and autonomous vehicles

Control software enhancements that enable connectivity associated with emerging technologies such as blockchain and IoT

Electric Machine Control Software Value Proposition

Hillcrest’s electric machine control software is a key enabler of high-performance power systems. The software is proven in custom applications and has demonstrated functionalities and efficiencies not previously available in the industry.