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At the intersection of range and cost, the traction inverter remains the epicenter for innovations aimed at unlocking further electric vehicle efficiency and range.

The Hillcrest ZVS Technology enables power applications to operate at higher power levels AND higher switching frequencies without compromising efficiency.

1000V | 350 kVA SiC Traction Inverter

The 1000V | 350 kVA SiC traction inverter leverages the Hillcrest ZVS Technology to solve many common challenges faced by today’s conventional inverters. Lighter, more compact and more efficient than conventional inverters on the market today, the Hillcrest ZVS traction inverter offers benefits across the entire powertrain.

Potential Impacts of Hillcrest Technologies on Electric Mobility

Benefits Across the Entire Powertrain SystemEVs - First Application of Hillcrest ZVS Technology

* Potential impacts based on bench testing and EMC chamber testing.


Key Features:

Operating Input Voltage Range

400-940 VDC

Maximum Electrical Efficiency

>Up to 99.7%

Nominal Voltage

800 VDC

Power Devices

3 SiC modules

Continuous RMS AC Output Current

350 A

HV Bus Capacitance

135 uF

Peak RMS AC Output Current

400 A

Ambient Temperature


Control Input Supply Voltage Range

9 -16 VDC

Coolant Temperature (liquid cooling)


Nominal PWM Switching Frequency

50 kHz


1 x CANbus
1 x RS422

Nominal Power Density

>50 kW/L

Digital Input

>1 Digital Input

Control Type

Current / Speed with Field Weakening and MTPA

Motor Feedback

Resolver or Sin/Cos Encoder