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At the intersection of range and cost, the traction inverter remains the epicenter for innovations aimed at unlocking further electric vehicle efficiency and range.

The Hillcrest ZVS Technology enables power applications to operate at higher power levels AND higher switching frequencies without compromising efficiency.

800V | 250 kW SiC Traction Inverter

Hillcrest’s core technology platform centers around its proprietary Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) technology. This unique approach to soft switching, when combined with Hillcrest’s proprietary power electronics hardware and control firmware, can achieve increased efficiencies, performance and reliability in electric systems, such as electric vehicles and grid-connected energy systems.

The 800V | 250 kW EV SiC traction inverter leverages the Hillcrest ZVS Technology to solve many common challenges faced by today’s conventional inverters. Lighter, more compact and more efficient than conventional inverters on the market today, the Hillcrest ZVS traction inverter offers benefits across the entire powertrain.

Potential Impacts of Hillcrest Technologies on Electric Mobility

EV charging with different components demonstrating the impact of the ZVS technology on the efficiency and the savings

Potential impacts based on results found in Technical Whitepapers.


Specifications Highlights


800 V nominal | 1,000 V peak
250 kW continuous | 350 kW peak


6.5 Litres


Automotive Standards


~50 kW/L

Full Specifications

Description Expression Value
Rated Voltage VN 800V
Minimale Input Voltage Vmin 470V
Maximum Input Voltage Umax 1000V
Maximum Intermediate Circuit Current Idc_max 400 A
Expected Top Performance Smax 350 kVA
Expected Rated Power S 250 kVA
Maximum Phase Current Iph_max 360A
Phase Current Iph 260A
Revolutions N Variable
Pole Pairs p Variable
Sine Frequency fsin Variable
Switching Frequency fsw 50kHz nominal 5 kHz-100kHz Variable
Environment Temperature Tamb -40°C…125°C
Coolant Temperature (water cooling) TCool -40°C…70°C