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Hillcrest is joining @SingularResearch’s Best of the Uncovered Conference next week on 12/8! Register for our virtual presentation on Hillcrest’s story and how we intend to revolutionize power inverters with zero voltage switching in #EV and #cleanenergy
https://t.co/W6xtIJsJIE https://t.co/kkicGHnteS
Hillcrest updates! We’re presenting at Singular Research’s Best of the Uncovered on 12/8. Read our latest press! #EV #EnergyEfficiency #CleanEnergy #HillcrestEnergyTech
#cleanenergy is set for a big U.S. milestone in 2022! The key to making the #electrification revolution successful will be making these systems as efficient as possible- exactly what Hillcrest's ZVS inverter tech is focused on achieving.