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Hillcrest Technology


The Hillcrest ZVS Technology is being deployed across a multitude of power applications

Hillcrest ZVS technology and the different applications

Our adaptable architecture is greatly reducing the time needed to design applications and allows technical integration of the inverter value proposition into nearly any inverter platform.

Electric Vehicle

Located at the intersection of range and cost considerations, the inverter represents the nexus for innovations that will unlock further EV efficiency and range gains.

800V | 250kW traction inverter + Enhanced Powertrain Solution

An inverter converts the DC power from an EV’s batteries to the AC input needed by the electric motor.

The combination of the Hillcrest ZVS Technology and Enhanced Powertrain Solution is expected to eliminate the need for an EV onboard charger and booster. Hillcrest is simplifying EV charging while also maximizing the efficiency and minimizing the complexity of the EV powertrain.

Electric Vehicle and Hillcrest ZVS inverter



Source: “Achieving a 100% Renewable Grid – Operating Electric Power Systems with Extremely High Levels of Variable Renewable Energy,”

The next generation of grid-tied energy systems, including renewable energy generation, storage, V2X and EV charging infrastructure, will require high frequency power electronics to better enable the smart, grid-forming capabilities of a more distributed, bidirectional system containing a variety of intermittent sources. The Hillcrest ZVS Technology will provide new benefits to grid-connected energy systems by offering a more efficient and reliable means of deploying higher switching frequencies. The company’s ZVS Technology will also offer improved output power quality and control benefits not currently available in most electric power systems.

Wind Turbine

800V | 250kW Grid Inverter

An inverter is deployed at a wind turbine generator to convert the AC output and at least one additional inverter is used to deliver the power to the grid/ESS/home.


800V | 250kW Grid Inverter

An inverter is used to convert the DC output from the photovoltaic panels into the AC power that flows to the grid/ESS/home.

Energy Storage Systems

800V | 250kW Grid Inverter

An inverter is deployed to convert the DC output from the storage system (i.e. batteries) to the AC power that flows to the grid/home.

EV DC Fast Chargers

800V | 250kW Grid Inverter

An inverter converts the AC input from the grid to the DC output needed to charge an EV’s batteries.


Our Roadmap

One Technology – 5 Product Deployments

Roadmap with one technology 5 product deployments