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Donald J. Currie

Founder, CEO, and Director

Donald Currie is the founding CEO of Hillcrest Energy Technologies. With over 30 years of experience in the energy sector, he established Hillcrest in February 2010 to create an organization that could blend his extensive financing expertise with entrepreneurial thinking.

Known for his success in building trusted relationships and businesses, Don brings a wealth of knowledge from his decades-long exposure to North American equity markets and financing of public companies. Recognized as a straight shooter with a strong commitment to integrity and big picture thinking, Don is at the forefront of Hillcrest’s disruption of the clean technology sector. Under his leadership, Hillcrest pivoted into the clean tech sector, established an expert team with deep-rooted networks in the automotive and energy sectors and transformed an idea into commercially viable products in less than three years.

Prior to founding Hillcrest, Mr. Currie contributed his expertise to various private and public ventures across the energy, mining, gaming, and technology sectors.

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